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About Us

The Future is Local

Our Mission to unite the diverse working class of South Florida, igniting the creation of regenerative and vibrant economies. By connecting locals and the quality resources, paired with education on the advantages of reinvesting within our own community, we aim to cultivate financial stability, personal engagement, and emphasize the transformative strength of a unified community.

Our Vision

The Future is Local

Pana MIA Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in South Florida.

Our Story

In the spring of 2022, Anette and Clari, two emerging entrepreneurs, formed a fated bond at a Miami market. Despite their differences, their friendship deepened over time, evolving into an opportunity for something greater than themselves.

Their shared dreams and mutual support became the catalyst for the creation of Pana MIA Club, proving that entrepreneurship doesn't have to be a solo journey. Together, they discovered the power of unity among local entrepreneurs and creatives. Pana MIA's story began in that unexpected meeting that transformed into the foundation of it all.

Our Projects

El Directorio



El Directorio is your access guide to everything locally made and occurring in SoFlo! Our online Local Directory, with easy keyword search functionality, allows patrons to find locally sourced solutions for any need or desire. This enhances convenience for consumers when shopping locally and provides increased visibility for local brands, service providers, and organizations. Our objective is to create a tool that will stimulate the local SoFlo economy and advocate for a lifestyle centered around supporting local businesses.

Our Board

Anette Mago, Co-Founder

Anette Mago, a Venezuelan-American conceptual artist raised in South Florida, has long been fascinated by the multicultural landscape and vibrant community of her home state. Having graduated from the University of Florida in Visual Art Studies in 2021, she delved into the Miami art scene while establishing her artwear brand, Alobebi. Two years into her entrepreneurial journey, Anette formed a close bond with Claribel, another small business owner. Recognizing the importance of a supportive community, Anette's realization led to the creation of Pana MIA Club, her most ambitious art project to date.

Claribel Avila, Co-Founder

Claribel Avila is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur and creative who began calling Miami home in 2021. They graduated from Northeastern University in 2018 with a Bachelors in Economic Policy. Having been raised by an entrepreneurial migrant family, they explored diverse industries and started their first business in 2019, selling herbal-infused honey. Despite their many passions and personal pursuits, their central focus has always been social, economic and racial justice. Moving to Miami brought purpose, and as a problem solver, their work with Pana MIA Club soon became a way to leverage strengths in order to bring about a more equitable and humane world.

Our Team

Bee Maria

Jeremy Downs
Technical Advisor

Genesis Barrios
Web Developer

Support Our Club

Pana MIA Club works hard towards our vision for a unified local SoFlo community everyday. We know we can do it with your help! You can support us by funding our mission with a one-time donation or by joining our community of supporters called Gente dePana!

Our Gente dePana subscribers are the foundation of Pana MIA's sustainability, monthly contributions allow us to make bigger strides in our projects to support the local community. In return, our Gente are rewarded with so many benefits, discounts and perks that give you special access to all things Pana!