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What is Pana MIA Club actually?

Pana MIA Club is a community platform that makes all things local accessible.

Connecting the SoFlo Community to its own vibrant & innovative creators/entrepreneurs

Mission Statement

We are organizing the South Florida diversified working class to build regenerative and vibrant economies. By connecting locals with quality resources and educating on the benefits of reinvesting locally, we cultivate financial security, personal engagement, and emphasize the power of a unified community.

¿¿Que Tal Pana??

Being a small business owner may be really overwhelming and isolating at times, but you aren't alone.

Miami is filled with small vendors, all with different strengths and skillsets. We started Pana Mia as a way to bring everyone together, to pool our resources, insights and strategies. As consumers start recognizing the benefits of shopping local, we want to create a centralized space where they can explore and fall in love with local brands.

Community Events!

Pana MIA curates intentional events centered around meaningful connection and the celebration of local culture and art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pana Mean?
Pana is a Latine term for friend or homie.
Is this platform free? If so, will it always be free?
Experience the freedom of our platform - forever, completely free! Join us in breaking down barriers and empowering local businesses and creatives like never before.
When can I expect the directory on your website to be up and running?
We currently have a team of developers dedicated to working on the directory, projected to release this Fall 2023. In order to accelerate the development process, we are actively fundraising.
How does Pana MIA work?
South Florida's comprehensive directory allows people to discover the essence of supporting local as lifestyle. Search for services or creatives near you in our keyword-searchable directory. Locally based business owners and creatives are welcome to join our community and create profiles to showcase their offerings.
How do I sign up?
Simple! Fill out our Google form. Become a Pana!
What are the perks to being a Pana?
  • Be a part of our open access list of all locally-based creatives and entrepreneurs available to patrons looking to support local
  • Tag us in your content and we can promote on our platform
  • Potentially be featured in our social media, newsletters, and podcast
  • More opportunities for collaboration
Who can become a Pana?
Any locally-based creatives, organization, or small business can become a member of our collective. Eligibility requires residence in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach County for either yourself or the owner/directory of the business/organization.
Where can I access the directory?
We've crafted a Google Sheets file complete with keyword search capability and tags, which you can access through the link in our bio. Our ultimate goal is to onboard all locally-owned businesses, transforming the directory into an indispensable lifestyle tool - fostering collaborations by connecting businesses and creatives.
What are the Terms & Conditions?
We maintain the authority to remove individuals from the directory if they engage in harmful and hateful behavior towards others or the community as a whole.
Becoming a member is straightforward. You need to be a locally owned and operated business in South Florida and complete our form.